Social Action

Special Cause for March:

Cambridge Money Advice Centre

Cambridge Money Advice Centre was set up in 2005 to provide free, confidential debt and budgeting advice to anyone and everyone who needs help.

The Centre Manager John Morris writes: “The Cambridge Money Advice Centre” (known as MAC) is a Christian
debt advice charity housed in Barnwell Baptist Church that helps people manage their debts and household finances. Many people associate the Cambridge area with high levels of wealth and education, but there are pockets of severe financial deprivation. The Centre for Cities recently described Cambridge as the most unequal city in England and Wales – a third of children in Kings’ Hedges live in poverty. Whether poor or relatively well off, we aim to stop debt ruining peoples’ lives. Many of the people in Cambridge and the surrounding area with whom we work are vulnerable and struggling to pay their debts for a host of reasons. Lives are marred by the constant stress of not being able to make ends meet and the fear of being chased by their creditors. We negotiate on their behalf to set up affordable repayment plans. We can also assess the viability of other debt solutions, including insolvency if they have no hope of ever paying off their debts. MAC is run by a part-time Centre Manager and a team of trained volunteers who are committed to help people break free from the hold of debt. MAC currently faces a situation of desperately low funds and great client need, which we are struggling to meet. Please consider whether your church and congregation can support us.”

We hope members will support the vital work of MAC in this city through our March ‘Special Cause’ collection. MAC is a registered charity (no. 1107655) and donations can be gift-aided. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Money Advice Centre-MAC’. MAC is also in need of more volunteer advisers and would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in this important work. Training courses are provided (Telephone 01223 727455).

John Kendall