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Talking About God Session 5: Being Human

This week’s session looks at ‘Being Human’ – what does the Bible have to say about being human? What do we make of this in the light of our own individual experiences? And what does it have to say about being male and female? Here are some interesting images to start us thinking; find out… Read More »

Talking about God: The Origins of Scripture

Have you ever seen anyone try to sum up the Old or New Testament on one single sheet of paper?  No, nor had we until Annemarie produced these amazing images!  Come and look more closely and find out more on Friday evening, 15 November at 7.30pm here at Emmanuel for the fourth in our autumn… Read More »

Talking About God Session 3: The Spirit blows where it wills….

This Friday at 7.30pm in Emmanuel, we are exploring the nature and work of the Holy Spirit. Every time we say the Creed, we proclaim our belief in the Spirit – but what do we understand about it? (is the Spirit him/her/it or something else?) Numinous and diffuse, it is difficult to conceptualise and even… Read More »

Talking About God: Who is Jesus Christ?

We encounter many diverse representations of Jesus Christ – in paintings, stained glass windows, statues and other places.  In the gospels, we find Jesus as teenager, carpenter, teacher, orator, fisherman, shepherd, counsellor, healer and many others.   Does any one image hold your attention more than others?  Do you find yourself visualising Jesus in a particular… Read More »

Talking About God: Explorations in Faith

Our first Talking About God session starts on Friday 25 October at 7.30pm at Emmanuel Church on Trumpington Street, led by John Bradbury and Annemarie Pachel. Session 1 looks at God the Creator. The scientific evidence and theories of creation often seem to contradict the Creation narrative in scripture; and it often seems we must… Read More »