Junior Church



Emmanuel has a nursery which caters for children up to school age. There is always a Christian focus to the session, with songs, a story and a prayer. Plenty of time is allowed for play and interaction with other children, leaders and helpers. The older group has children from school age, and can be split into two, when there is a large age range. This group mostly follows the Roots material and sometimes other themes will be chosen. The themes are carefully continued from the worship in the sanctuary. All the children come into the church for communion, where they share a celebratory meal together, of juice, fruit and biscuits. The minister takes time to pray with them during this meal. At some services the congregation comes forward for communion. Then children can receive the elements or a blessing as appropriate.

The congregation is led in prayer by the children from time to time and they also bring what they have been working on, into the service. Every effort is made by the experienced and dedicated leaders to ensure that each child feels included and cherished. Each family had a pastoral elder who knows and visits them.

When our children reach their teenage years, we will hope to restart our Young people’s Sunday evening group (YPSEG).