Feasts and Festivals 2017

The theme for our programme of events, displays and concerns in 2017 is FEASTS AND FESTIVALS’.

This is also the theme chosen by the URC to signal a year in which we are all invited to celebrate some significant anniversaries in the history of the church, such as the 500 years since a dramatic action by Martin Luther signalled the start of the Reformation; and 100 years since the ordination of Constance Coltman, the first woman to enter the congregational ministry. Along with the rest of the URC and other churches we shall be celebrating these.

But we want to celebrate other aspects of life, to remember, to rejoice and be thankful. ‘Feasts and Festivals’ are a natural part of human life and therefore of the life of the church.

Watch out for the ones we shall be marking with exhibitions or activities – but let us know, too, of any you think we should be marking. Let us celebrate them together.

Our next Exhibition—Can YOU help? WINTER One aspect of life that we sometimes forget to thank God for is the changing of the seasons – both the ones we enjoy and the ones we find less comfortable, but which are necessary for the continuation of the life and fruitfulness of the earth. So we are going to begin the year by celebrating WINTER, and looking at it in all its fullness. We want everyone to join in this, so we are asking for: your photographs, your favourite poems or memories, everything that winter means to you, to make up an exhibition that will lighten the darkness and help us to begin the year with celebration.