Social Action

Special Cause for February:

Lekkerwater Secondary School, Zimbabwe

Eastern Synod has a Global Partnership link to the Zimbabwe Presbytery of the UPCSA and is supporting this project which comes under the Presbytery of Zimbabwe Education Trust.
Lekkerwater Secondary School is located about 110 km south-east of Harare, in an area occupied by newly resettled farmers. The nearest existing secondary school was over 15 km away, too far for children to walk daily. This meant that most children dropped out after the primary stage. Girls were particularly disadvantaged as this often resulted in early marriage after leaving primary school.
Building began in early 2015 and two classroom blocks have been completed and brought into use with 100 children aged 12 – 14 studying there, with 5 qualified teachers. The number of pupils will rise to 400 by the fourth year, when they take O-level examinations.
The aim is to have 4 classroom blocks (each with 2 classes) plus a science laboratory and staff housing. Apart from buildings, there is a need for books and equipment, furniture and a borehole to supply clean water. Power lines run through the site but a transformer will be needed for an electricity supply.
The Presbytery of Zimbabwe gave approval for this project, but due to the prevailing economic environment was unable to offer financial assistance. Funding has been raised through donations from a variety of sources, both in Zimbabwe and abroad. There is still a long way to go to fully realise the vision of the local people who set out to establish this school in a country that has endured much financial hardship.
Please support this important project if you are able. Cheques should be made payable to the URC Eastern Province Trust (apparently Gift-Aiding is not possible).