Staged Messiah

Unusual production of Handel’s Messiah tours to Cambridge

Kent-based Merry Opera Company’s staged version of Handel’s Messiah has wowed audiences across the UK since 2011 and has been seen by over 7,000 people.

Directed by the international opera director John Ramster, the production comes to the Emmanuel United Reformed Church in Trumpington Street on Friday December 8th at 7.30pm, as part of its eighth revival tour.

“A powerful & affirming performance” – Opera Now

The moment twelve apparently unconnected characters are seen entering the church it becomes clear that this production of Handel’s Messiah is like no other. There is no staging, nor any special lighting, just the church as it stands. The singers move throughout the building, sometimes sitting with the audience, or leaning against a pillar. Through the music of the oratorio they come to an understanding of how to cope with the doubts and worries they have brought with them. They discover they are not isolated and begin to form an understanding of each other’s predicaments. By the end of the performance they can face the future with some degree of hope.

Our previous audiences have said:
“We have never experienced anything so moving and exciting”
“Immediate and full of real emotion and passion”
“It opened up the music for me in a completely new and deeply touching way”
‘‘This was the Messiah I have been waiting all my life to hear”

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